Energy Saving Egg Tray Machine

Energy Saving Egg Tray Machine

Energy Saving Egg Tray Machine

Product Details


Our egg tray machine is mold plate rotating machine, the mold plate rotating machine is more advanced than the up and down type. When the mold plate leaves or comes back to the pulp tank, it rotates simultaneously. So the remnant pulp in the mold plate will flow from the mold plate to the pulp tank. The result is the wet egg trays or boxes will contain less water and it will be easy for drying.

Water spraying device is equipped. There is water spraying device in our main machine. When the rotated mold plate leaves the pulp tank, the water spraying device will spray water to the egg trays or boxes on the molds to brush away burrs on the egg trays or boxes. The spray will make the egg trays or boxes more even and straight. At the same time, the spray will brush away the pulp that stuck at the edge of the molds to ensure precision of mold closing.

Drying burners are equipped. Our egg tray making machine equips burners as the heat source that is on the top of the drying tunnel to supply hot air to increase the temperature inside of the drying tunnel in order to dry the wet product (egg tray). These burners consume gas oil or gas as fuel. So our customer does not need to buy any additional heat source.

The pulp tank of our machine is made of high-quality stainless steel.

Diverse kinds of pulp product can be produced. By changing relevant molds, it can produce boxes, trays for fruit, tools and so on.

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