High Output Paper Egg Carton Making Machine

High Output Paper Egg Carton Making Machine

Rotary egg tray equipment is making pulp egg tray machine suitable for egg long-distance transportation.

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Rotary egg tray equipment is making pulp egg tray machine suitable for egg long-distance transportation.

Mainly by the molding machine,hydraulic pulper, vacuum dryer, air compressor and drying box and other machinery.

Reciprocating machine points,single breath rotate,eight noodles all four categories.Discrete andhorizontal waterpower pulp machine two, vacuum dewaterer roots vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pumps, roots blower, air compressor piston air compressor.

Drying oven by induced draft fan, the uniform wind plate, steel wire of the conveyor belt and hot air circulation.


Various types and output of egg tray making machines can be supplied by our company, such as 800-1000PCS per hour, 2000PCS per hour, 3000PCS per hour, 4000PCS per hour, and so on.

800-1000PCS/h Semi-automatic 60kw Natural drying
2000PCS/h 3*4 full automatic 145kw Automatic belt drying
3000PCS/h 4*4 full automatic 189kw Automatic belt drying
4000PCS/h 4*8 full automatic 223kw Automatic belt drying

Main structure and parts 

1. Pulp system;

Hydraulic pulper,Grinding machine,Pulp pump,Agitator,Pulp tank,Pulping system timing control box,

2. Molding system;

Automatic rotary egg tray molding machine,egg tray formindmould,vacuum pump,Clean pump,Vacuum air tank,self priming pump,Air compressor,Mold machine timing control box,  High-pressure water pump, Refiner machine, Power cabinet for forming system

3. Drying system 

   We supply four type dryer system for customer to choose 

   Drying by sunshine;normally,we suggest for small capacity egg tray machine, like 400PCS/H ETC.

  Earth kiln dryer,this is most popular type drying system,with advantages of low cost,easy to operate,and high capacity,but the user need build earth kiln first 

  Metal dryer machine,this type drying system with advantages of clean,easy to install.movable,but for this drying system with high cost,

  Drying by carts,for this drying system,customer also need build earth kiln first, and making the cart,so we don't suggest client use this drying system 

4. Packaging machine 

semi-auto package machine to pack egg tray final product of egg carton making machine 

1, mainly producing the pulp molded products,such as egg tray ,egg box, 

fruit tray,coffee tray.

2, raw material is easy to get,and the cost is low 

3,  Semi-automatic control, control box for each system.

4,  stainless steel pulp tank,the surface  of platens covered with stainless steel.

5,  transferred to a flat-bed automatically

 1. What kind of material we can use as the raw material?

 Any kind of waste paper like old newspaper,magazines,books,paper waste etc, and easy to get.

 2. What kind of Fuel can be used for the whole production line?

  Gernerally is coal,natural gas,dieseal oil can be selectable.

3. What kind of finished products it can make?

  All paper trays like paper egg tray,egg carton,egg box,fruit tray,bottle tray, electric product packing,shoes tray etc.

4, Could we see the whole egg tray machine working process in factory?  

Yes,of course,we have the egg tray production line,if you visit our factory, we will instroduce egg tray machine hasworking process,and how to operate the production line.

if you are interested in our machine,plase feel free contact me 

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