Paper Egg Box Making Machine

Paper Egg Box Making Machine

Pulp shaped egg box, 6 eggs, 10 eggs and 12 eggs, the machine is simple and easy to operate, the product is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Product Details

We can produce the egg box, the egg box depth and width will according to the customer's requirment. At the same time, we can offer the printing service, with your company name on the egg box.

The following is the details technical data

Technical data




Output   Range


30 packed egg tray(60~80g)

Workshop recommendation



Type of Material

Waste paper

Newspaper/Carton /Paper box/Books/

Corrugated paper etc.

Material consumption


30 packed egg tray(60~80g)

Water consumption


30 packed egg tray(60~80g)

Electricity consumption


Full throttle operation

Fuel consumption


Diesel 25~35kg/h

30 packed egg tray(60~80g)

Operator Required

4~6 people/shift

24hours, 3shift

Container requirement for Transport

2 of 40’HC container

Whole production line

The flowing items must be prepared by the buyers before installation

Workshop, foundation of the machine etc.

Pulping systemInclude pools or tanks for pulp   making system.

Connection pipe and power cable etc.

Power supply, water supply, raw material supply, labor.

Fuel supply (Diesel). Include storage and supply system(including   store tank, supply pipe & valves before connect to the burners)

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