Paper Pulp Machine Producing Egg Box

Paper Pulp Machine Producing Egg Box

Paper Pulp Machine Producing Egg Box, Paper Molding for Forming a Cell for Eggs, Paper Molding Technology Egg Tray Machine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering First Hand Paper Pulp Machine Producing Egg Box, Good Quality Wood Chipper Toothpick Stick Machine, Best Selling Wood Toothpick Production Line and so on.

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  Egg tray making machine use waste paper as raw material to make molded pulp products,such as egg trays/dishes,egg boxes/cartons,fruit trays,etc.Simple opertion,less labor,no pollution,recyclable, reduce cost,making this machine best-selling nation and sold abroad.Our machine we could supply is a whole machine production line from pulping system,forming system and drying system.We also could customized mould according to your samples.




4 side

12 forming mold

3 transferring mold

4 side

16 forming mold

4 transferring mold

8 side

32 forming mold

4 transferring mold

8 side

48 forming mold

4 transferring mold









Pulping system

pulping system is the first step of egg tray machine,main equipment according

hydraulic pulp,grinding machine,pulp pump,etc.This pulping system is used for making the raw material(waste paper) become pulp and we could use control box to control pulp speed

Forming systemmolding system is the main system of egg tray machine,main equipment according to forming mold,vacuum pump,clean pump,etc.This forming system is used for making pulp become egg trays,egg boxes,fruit trays and so on.The mold machine timing control box could control mold speed
Drying systemdrying system is the last step of egg tray machine,we have different drying type,including drying by sun,kiln drying(conveyor belt drying),metal drying.If the capacity is small you want,we suggest you use drying by sunshine,but if the capacity is large,you'd better use drying system.


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