Pulp Making Machine

Pulp Making Machine

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Product Details

The full-automatic production line was equipment with automatic drying system, after pulp making process and automacic forming process, the transfer molds plate will transfer wet products to the drying system automatically, and then after drying, the fianl products will be collected by automatic stacker.

We can provide both single-layer drying system and multi-layers drying system, compared with the former, the latter is the latest technology, which can save energy consumption, workshop space requirement etc.

The drying system use natural gas, LNG, LPG, diesel, coal, wood etc. as fuel, the steam, heat conducting oil and heavy oil also could be applied to dry the products, but the investment and field occupation would be increased.

The above mentioned production lines are suitable for the following products: egg tray(30 caves), egg box/carton (6 caves, 10 caves, 12 caves, 15 caves, 18 caves), fruit tray, cup carrier (4 packed and 2 packed)etc.


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