Egg Plate Making Machine

Egg Plate Making Machine

Molded pulp egg cartons, fruit tray class production line is a waste paper, waste paper, scrap printed cartons, and leftover material of all kinds of paper products factory as the raw material, through the waterpower pulp, filtration and water injection process allocate a certain concentration of slurry, then on the special metal mold by vacuum adsorption into wet billet products, forming a good wet and dry, hot pressing integer.

Product Details

Such production line can be used to produce the following products:

Pulp molded egg carrier (30 pieces)

(6, 10, 12, 6+6, 15, 18, etc.)

(apple, tomato, pear, etc.)

Pulp molded coffee holder (4 PCS, 2 PCS)

Some medical care products and large quantity of molded pulp products.


1. The main raw material is waste paper, which has rich sources and low price and belongs to the comprehensive development and utilization of waste.

2. The water used in the production process is closed and recycled, without waste water or waste gas discharge. After the use of the molded pulp products, the waste can be recycled and utilized like ordinary paper.

3.The main drying energy can be selected: 0# diesel, natural gas and LPG. According to the local price of these energy sources, customers can choose the cheapest one.It can also be used with coal or heavy oil, but with steam or heat-conducting oil boilers, and the investment cost and footprint of the equipment will increase.

4.Tray products have been used in the world for more than 60 years, with its good protective performance, low price as an ideal product packaging eggs and fruit products.The investor according to oneself market demand and the actual situation of capital, choose the most appropriate specification from among them.Or it can be rearranged according to the actual situation of the customer.

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