Molded Pulp Egg Tray Making Line

Molded Pulp Egg Tray Making Line

Our machine used environment-friendly waste paper as raw material. After hydraulic pulping, the mold is vacuum adsorbed and finally dried and dehydrated to form an egg holder that can hold eggs.As a professional manufacturer, we can provide different types of egg custodial production lines from 1000 pieces/hour to 12,000 pieces/hour.

Product Details

Project information notes

Production 4000 pieces/hour 30 egg trays (60-80g)

The workshop shall be at least 420 square meters long and 35m;12 m in width;6 m high;

Raw waste paper newspaper/carton/carton/book/corrugated paper, etc

Waste paper consumption 250~280 kg/h 30 egg trays (60~80g)

Water consumption 650-1000 kg/h 30 egg trays (60-80g)

85-110 - kw electric consumption

Natural gas consumption is 75~95 M3/ h

Operator 4~6 workers/shift 24 hours 3 shifts

1. The main raw material is waste paper, which has rich sources and low price and belongs to the comprehensive development and utilization of waste.

2. The water used in the production process is closed and recycled, without waste water or waste gas discharge. After the use of the molded pulp products, the waste can be recycled and utilized like ordinary paper.

3.The main drying energy can be selected: 0# diesel, natural gas and LPG. According to the local price of these energy sources, customers can choose the cheapest one.It can also be used with coal or heavy oil, but with steam or heat-conducting oil boilers, and the investment cost and footprint of the equipment will increase.

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