Paper egg crate making machine

Paper egg crate making machine

Paper egg crate making machine

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 Paper egg crate making machine is kind of Pulp Molding Machine. Its materials are all kinds of paper, after pulping, forming, drying and packing, it can produce many kinds of paper tray product. Just like the paper egg crate, egg carton, egg box, egg tray, fruit tray, bottle tray, paper shoe stretcher, agricultural seedling tray, industrial production packing, paper medical disposable trays etc... This machine is controlled by PLC, high automation, easily learned, convenient services, and can widely use in different business. 
A. Pulp Board: Different pulp made by bulrush, straw, bagasse, bamboo, wood etc.
B. Waste Paper: Such as paperboard, carton, newspaper, waste pulp in paper making factory.
C. Plant Fibre: The fiber of palm, straw, sugarcane etc.

1. Pulping system: This is the first step to making egg tray. We put the waste paper to pulper to make pulp, after some support equipment and 3 pulp pools, the pulp concentration will become 0.8%-1%.  
2. Forming system: In the Forming system, forming machine and the support equipment make the pulp become the egg tray. We have many kinds of forming machine to make the egg tray. The different forming machine, the different capacity. We also can according to your request to design the forming machine.










3. Drying system: We have 2 kinds of drying system.
A. Single Metal Drying Line: Metal Drying Line has beautiful appearance and easy for installation. It can be designed according to the productivity, type of products and factory layout as well as according to the local fuel such as steam, coal, natural gas and heat conduction.
The construction of single metal drying line is compact, reasonable and convenient for users to maintain and adjust. It has adopted chain, chain wheel and tracked board as conveyor belt transmission, so it won't occur drifting of the belt conveyor. 
B. Multi Metal Drying Line: The new design of our multi-layer drying line is good looking and requires smaller floor area, it's easy to install, applicable to the drying of variety of products and high energy efficiency.
The drying line can be designed to 4, 6 or 8 as the floor space, capacity and various products. Also, the fuel can be steam, coal gas, natural gas, heat-transfer oil, coal and so on. 
4. Packing system: This is the last step to making egg tray. By automatic stacking machine and packing machine, the egg tray can be loaded and transport.

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