Automatic pulp egg tray forming machine waste newspaper recycling
- Dec 14, 2018 -
Automatic pulp egg tray forming machine waste newspaper recycling

Part 1. Description for Egg tray machine                                                                                         
Egg tray machine equipment mainly uses waste paper, waste carton as raw materials. By smash pulp, vibrating pulp, grinding pulp and forming pulp, the forming machine adsorbs the pulp by vacuum type with some necessary chemicals. The equipment also can produce the followings: the package for glass and ceramics, crafts, small machinery, electric products, toys and so on. The paper carton can replace the plastic bag and corrugated paper. And they not only have the protection, cushion performance, make less damage, improve the packaged figure, but also can saving cost, protect the environment and can be recycled use. They are the typical product in the green package storm.

Part 2. Features of Egg Tray Machine    

1) Full automatic running according to setting
2) Global famous brand of electric parts make stable running
3) Optimized design with new technology, leading to high efficiency
4) Perfect malfunction checkout system and motor protecting system guarantee safe running.

Part 3. Finished products of Egg tray machine


Part 4. Knowledge Note of Egg tray machine                                                                                                                                      

Pulping system: Pulper, Grinding Machine, Mixer, Stuff Pump, Water Pump, Control Cabinet, etc.
Forming System: This equipment consists of 8 forming pattern plates and 1 transfer plate. The size of each plate is 1540mm×450mm and each plate can carry 4 sets of 30pcs egg tray mold, totally 32 sets. The molding efficiency is 13-15 plates/minutes. It is equipped with the automatic vacuum drainage system, automatic plate washing system, pre-drying system, and automatic control cabinet.

Drying System: There are 2 kinds of drying system. One is metal, the other is civil engineering. The conveyor plate can be one layer and multi-layer, direct combustion hot air circulation. Using the imported or joint venture brand burner (domestic uses the stove bar), equipped with an automatic control cabinet. 

Part 5. You supply the information for egg tray machine
a- Capacity: How many pieces per hour you want to produce?
Note: The minimum capacity is 1000pieces every hour. You can choose according to your actual situation.
b- Boiler: Which kind boiler you use when you need the drying system?
Note: Coal boiler, Gas boiler, Diesel boiler can be chosen by your requirement.
c- Drying system: Which one kind of dryer you want to use?
Note: You can choose civil engineering drying paper tray, also use sun drying. Of course, the metal drying system also is ok. Its price will higher than other dryers.

Part 6. Company Profile

Longkou City Hongrun Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1986, we are the factory of specializing in the production paper making machinery, pulping equipment and paper processing equipment, these years we committed to the development of high-quality, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection new products, service in papermaking machinery industry, is a collection of scientific research, production in one of technology enterprise.

More than 20 years, the rapid development of enterprise, Production capability and production level rises ceaselessly, the scale of production expands with each passing day, all products have passed CE quality management system certification, many times awarded the contract, observe the credibility of the enterprise.

Production of papermaking equipment resold throughout the country over 20 provinces and areas and exported to Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Mali, Ukraine, Indonesia, Philippine, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, and other countries. The trust and praise by the user.

Part 7. Guarantees...
  • Reply with you 24 hours online

  • Support quality assurance for 3 year

  • Take your visiting our machine production line at any time

  • Technician training who owned many years install experience

  • Provide lifelong service