Characteristics introduction of molded pulp products
- Jul 01, 2018 -

Characteristics introduction of molded pulp products

1, Environmental protection:

Products are the use of waste newspapers, cartons paper as the main raw material, after a certain ratio of additives for pulping, through a special mold for dehydration molding, and then by drying, heat treatment, plastic and other series of process short-range. Pulp molded products can be added, used, and degradable. After adding special processes, they have good waterproof and oil-repellent properties. They can completely replace foamed plastic products and can effectively eliminate “white pollution”. The products are environmentally friendly.  

Pulp molded products are environmentally friendly products recommended by the world's environmental protection departments. They attach great importance to environmental protection work in their production process, and the impact of their three wastes on environmental protection, from the main raw materials used to the entire production process. At the end of the day, its environmental awareness is very strong. The raw material is waste paper, and in the process of production and processing, it is mainly a physical reaction. Only a small amount of chemical substances are added as a waterproofing agent, and these chemical materials are basically all retained in the finished product after the product is dried, and the environment is not discharged. Pollution; The production line water is used in a closed loop, but the water vapor evaporates into space when the product is dried, and no water is added during the production process, so the water consumption is also small.

2. Cost economy

After years of development and innovation, the pulp molding technology has continuously improved the performance of the equipment, the production process has gradually matured, and the production cost of the product has been driven to a stable level. At present, the production cost of paper products in China has basically remained the same as that of foam plastic products, and the cost of some paper products has been significantly lower than that of foam plastic products.  

Paper tray products replace foam plastic shockproof products, which have feasibility in terms of performance and production costs. With its environmental protection advantages, pulp molded products have become an inevitable trend to replace foam plastic products.