Characteristics of Molded Pulp Products
- Jul 01, 2018 -

Characteristics of Molded Pulp Products

1. It can produce products of various specifications and shapes through molds so that it can adapt to the appearance of various products, and it is easy to isolate and prevent collisions.

2. The paper is light and soft, and the overall structure has suitable strength and rigidity, which makes it have good protection and cushioning.

A load of paper molded products can be much higher than most people think. For example, an ordinary egg tray (65 g of paper tray with 30 eggs) can withstand vertical uniform static load up to 80kg (deformation ≤ 3mm). We have also done some tests on some common standard pads. The structure of the template is similar to the egg tray (the frame is small and dense), the external dimensions are 200×200×20, the weight is 50 grams, and the thickness is 1.8mm. It is deformed at height. when 3mm load-bearing capacity of 300 kg.

The cushioning properties of paper molded products are achieved through the elastic deformation of the structure itself. Therefore, although the same material and the same thickness and different structures are used for the paper molded products, the load bearing and buffering capacities are greatly different. Therefore, it is difficult to set a common load-bearing and buffering capacity parameter for paper molded products.

3, have ideal ventilation and moisture absorption, is conducive to food preservation. As long as the proper amount of water repellent is added to the slurry, the paper molded product can achieve good water resistance. For example, egg trays and fruit trays can prevent water traces from appearing on the reverse side within 24 hours of pouring water not higher than 35°C. However, the general industrial packaging does not need to have such performance, because waterproofing should be a requirement for storage, transportation, and packaging.

4, if necessary, pulp molded products can also cause flame retardant, anti-static properties.

5. The wide range of raw materials and use of wastes, with significant social benefits.

6, paper molded products can be stacked for easy handling, storage and recycling, help reduce transport costs.