Pulp egg box
- Mar 18, 2018 -

Egg box (Category: Pulp egg box, plastic egg box) 

The advantage of the pulp egg packing box is that it features: novel shape, egg box end with two egg-shaped structure, both beautiful and strength, the egg lid with a reinforcement, to withstand the internal pillars, enhanced pressure, but also easy to cover the separation after the lid folding, can have a variety of colors: yellow, green, red, white, black and so on, to meet the needs of the user a variety of colors , suitable for soil eggs, duck egg, high-grade gift box packaging.

Pulp egg Box features/pulp egg box

  1. Pure pulp material, plant fiber ingredients, eggs can breathe breathing;  

  2. Can be customized a variety of colors, high-quality egg box, so that the eggs more outstanding, tasteful;

  3. Design novel, cushioning effect is good, the egg protection is better;

  4. Beautiful appearance, the box is relatively smooth outside;

  5. Unique design of egg-separating column, high strength of box body

Raw Material/pulp egg box

Pulp egg box usually used in the material is newspaper pulp.    

Pure pulp material, the composition of plant fiber, eggs can breathe breathable. 

Using recycled waste paper as a material, 100% recyclable, biodegradable material, is low-carbon, green environmental protection products.

Material/pulp egg box

From raw materials: paper pulp eggs, plastic egg box 

Pulp egg tray, belong to the transfer of packaging, the use of recycled pulp, pressed into, used for the eggs are recycled papers, cheap, not resistant to moisture. Only pallet, no lid, can not be sold as terminal packaging. 

Egg box, egg tray, egg box, egg trays used in a variety of products, but why choose PVC egg Box it.

  1. The name:the paper pulp egg tray

    Uses material: recycled pulp

    Making process: molding machine to suppress

    Appearance:pulp color

    Function egg protection: belonging to the transport packaging.

  2. The current domestic market, most of the egg packaging is free-range, and large box packaging. And foreign advanced countries egg packaging using small packaging, a box of 6, 10, 12, up to no more than 30, and 30 installed also very few.

    Small packaging advantages, one is in the handling and stacking process of low breakage rate, only about 1/10 of the bulk. According to overseas statistics on the general bulk egg breakage rate in the 4.5%, this crushing loss fee, spent on a good bit of packaging also zoned, and brand eggs and high price. Moreover, after the eggs are broken, the sticky will contaminate the surrounding environment of other egg boxes. Second, small packaged eggs can be bought with the food, eggs fresh, a three home, buy a box of 6 eggs, eat two days, 12 pieces of a box of four days to eat. Like milk, always eat fresh good, go to the supermarket to buy milk, incidentally bring a box of eggs. If this is the case, forming a habit, you can eat fresh eggs year-round health food. If you buy a large bag or a large box of 60, or even 100, eat ten or twenty days or one months to eat to the back, the more eat less fresh, the brand will have no taste. Small packaging also has an advantage: smell, odor, viral bacteria collusion is also small, volatile also fast, especially with pulp egg box permeability, adsorption is good, easy and fresh air exchange outside the box, freshness period is also long.

    Brand Eggs with pulp egg box small packaging to replace the big packaging, egg breakage rate is low, fresh, chuanwei less. This is a brand of egg green packaging, improve people's quality of life, at the same time adapt to foreign consumers living habits, improve export competitiveness of an effective advanced way.

Environmental protection/pulp egg carton

  Pulp egg box, material is recycled newspaper, without plastic, save oil resources, but also degradable, most of the international Western countries and Southeast Asia advanced countries are mainly paper eggs box. Our country will be as accustomed as a supermarket without plastic bags. Save the environment, benefit the offspring! Material

Future development trend/pulp egg box

  China is the world's largest egg production country, the production of eggs accounted for more than 40% of world production, but also an egg consumption country, eat 400 billion eggs a year. With the improvement of people's living standards and quality, the demand for eggs is also improving, fresh, hygienic, high nutrition. Example mountain eggs, grass eggs, organic, ecological, low cholesterol, all kinds of amino acids. Children, the elderly, pregnant women and high-end consumers all need to eat good eggs. A higher price is acceptable. Moreover, since reform and opening up the price of eggs than other food prices are the smallest, only the price range of pork is less than 50%. The brand egg uses the green packing, this is reduces with the foreign advanced country in the egg packing aspect disparity, provides the people the quality of life, saves the energy conservation environment to have is beneficial. At the same time, the expansion of export capacity, the Western countries set up "green" barrier, cleared up some obstacles. According to statistics, China's egg production is the world's largest, and the number of exports is very small, accounting for only 2% of the total trade in the world, European eggs are few, and the total world trade volume of 14%, brand egg green packaging, whether it is to expand domestic demand, or expand foreign trade is beneficial.