Pulp molded paper tray production
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Related parameters

The relevant parameters in the design are determined according to the requirements of the packaged product and the characteristics of the pulp molded paper tray structure design.

1 size and wall thickness. The basic requirement of the design of the pulp molded paper tray is to ensure close contact with the packaged object and prevent the package from being strung in the circulation process. On this basis, the buffering and shockproof problems are considered, so in the structural design The size must be compact, and the compact size is solved by the combination of the fixed support surface and the cavity and the ribs.

Pulp molding paper tray production - pulp molding paper tray production

What kind of material is used in the egg paper tray?

The material used for pulp molding paper trays is waste paper produced in daily life, which is economical and environmentally friendly. Let's take a look at the production process of the egg tray. The pulp molding paper tray is manufactured by first: the main raw material for making the pulp molded egg tray (box), the waste paper is put into the hydraulic pulper and under the shearing force and friction of the water flow. It is broken down into pulp fibers; the pulp fibers enter the storage tank.

The pulp molded paper tray can be decomposed similarly to the plant itself in the cycle.

Due to its unique geometry, it has shockproof and impact resistant functions, as well as antistatic and elastic properties of the paper structure itself, which is equivalent to or superior to foamed plastics in the force value test. To this end, the European Union's European Packaging and Environmental Regulations clearly stipulate that polystyrene (PS) foam should be avoided in transport packaging and sales packaging, instead of pulp molded paper trays. The International Organization for Standardization has promulgated the ISO14000 product "Environmental Management Standards System". The main points are: "Any company that has obtained raw materials, product manufacturing, packaging, finished product transportation, after-sales service and use, until end-of-life disposal must comply with the environment. The principle of no pollution and easy recycling.

Today, the technical specialists of Longkou Hongrun Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. explained to us what the classification of our packaging materials mainly includes. I believe that the main classification is for everyone to introduce, if you do not understand this, you can contact our customer service for details. Principal paper trays only provide quality packaging materials. I. Pulp Molding Paper Tray Materials In the whole process of packaging design development, pulp molding paper materials are widely used in production and life practice as a general packaging material.

Pulp molded paper tray foam, also known as porous plastic, has excellent impact and vibration resistance, low thermal conductivity, low water absorption, low hygroscopicity and stable chemical properties, and is often used in cushioning packaging materials. Metal packaging materials Metals are widely used in industrial product packaging, transportation packaging and sales packaging. Excellent mechanical properties, high strength, excellent comprehensive protection, special metallic luster, easy to print and decorate. 1. Compared with other metal packaging materials, steel packaging is rich in sources of steel, low in energy consumption and cost, and has good plasticity and ductility.