Pulp molding equipment
- Apr 30, 2013 -

With regard to the production process of the pulp molded product, the waste paper is physically and chemically treated by the pulp molding pulping system to produce the desired fiber slurry, and after the concentration adjustment, the slurry is conveyed to the pulp molding through the pulp conveying pipe machine. A special shape pulp molding mold preloaded on a pulp molding machine vacuum-holds the pulp and suction-sucks it continuously, removes the already-formed wet product by means of compressed air and vacuum, and places it in a pulp mold to dry it On the conveyor belt. The process of adsorption and stripping requires strict accuracy and time.

Drying of pulp molding. After being removed from the forming machine, the wet product is conveyed through a conveyor belt to a specially designed drying system for convective drying of the hot air, which is obtained by heating the air through a heat exchanger and continuously fed through a blower Circulation and timely removal of wet air, add fresh air ah. After drying, the moisture content of the pulp molded article will be around 4% to 8%. Finally, the product is delivered to the stacking system. If it is the product of the smoothness and smoothness have special requirements, but also add a hot pressing plastic process.

Performance test on pulp molded products. Mainly based on its purpose and the corresponding project test. Including 1. Strength and performance testing, its tensile strength, bursting strength, wet bursting strength, compressive strength, surface strength and so on to be tested. 2. Buffer performance test, mainly the durability of the impact, long-distance transport buffer force, circulation or moving buffer and shock when there is a drop in the case of shock detection. 3. Water absorption test. 4 insulation testing. 5. breathable performance testing.

Pulp molded articles currently used, in many cases by virtue of their cushioning and strength properties, are of great importance because of their easy recyclability.