Structure of pulp molding mold
- Apr 14, 2013 -

Pulp molding mold is the key to product molding. For each product, suitable for the general process of the mold is composed of molds, strippers, stereotypes die three different functions, the role of the mold (also known as 'water mold') is formed from the wet pulp Embryo, to meet the needs of vacuum adsorption, the mold must be provided with air, gas chamber, the inner layer is the mold body (usually aluminum parts), the surface evenly distributed with the air chamber communicating holes, the outer mold cover A layer of metal mesh, screen shape determines the shape of the product, the structure of the mold is more complex. The role of the stripper is to remove the wet blank from the mold, which is generally made of epoxy resin. Stereotypes are rented plastic, dry, in order to ensure the shape of products and dimensional accuracy, stereotypes by the upper and lower mold form, after the initial Oh dry blank awakened hot qualitative, secondary drying, for the drum-forming machine , The shape of the mold and the positioning accuracy of the higher requirements, because the composition of the drum of the template after the alternate adsorption molding, to common mold stripping release device.

Therefore, to improve the manufacturing level of pulp molding machinery, only by accelerating the development and research of pulp molding molds and improving the technical level can the scope of application of pulp molding technology be further expanded, especially the complex structure and high-grade industrial products and handicraft inner packaging Only by improving the technical precision of molds and equipment and by lowering the production cost can medium and large-sized equipment with a higher degree of automation play its due role.