The analysis of economic benefit for egg tray production
- Mar 16, 2018 -

The analysis of economic benefit:

Working for 24 hours a dayoutput is pieces/hour , Each product weighs 70 grams),Each egg economic benefit analysis is as follows



Unit price


Cost of a single   product(USD)


Waste paper


The weight of each   egg tray is 70g1T paper can produce      pieces egg tray

Natural gas


_____m³/day ,



_____KW/h per day  


Strengthen the   egg weight and strength, adding powder or chemical reagent

Salary of workers

Three shift per   day , ____ workers per shift, _____USD per person

Packaging cost

Plastic bags,   transfer finished products

Water rate


Water   consumption is _____T per day

Sales fee

Sales fee   calculated at 5% of the selling price (including sales personnel salary)

Depreciation cost

 According to 15 years in depreciation, total   investment in _____ USD (including the land, plant, equipment, etc.), annual   output  _____ tons calculation   (effective working days calculated at 300 days), residual value after   depreciation calculated at _____USD

Other fees

Calculated at 1%   of the selling price

Total Product Costs

The cost of each   egg tray is  _____

Selling price

 According to different territory

Selling profit

Each egg profit   is    _____

Annual output value


Annual return