The production line of egg tray forming machine is introduced directly
- Mar 26, 2018 -

   There are a lot of people who use egg tray machines, for the egg tray machine operation process is not very skilled, resulting in the production of their own quality of the egg is not very good, and the input of materials, but also a lot, then we use the egg tray molding machine, what should pay attention to? Let's take a look at the production process of the pulp molded egg tray.

1. Production process of pulp molding egg tray production line

  Pulp molded egg tray, pulp molded egg box, pulp molded fruit pallets and other pallet products to scrap newspapers, waste carton paper, discarded printed matter, and a variety of paper products factory scraps, such as raw materials, by hydraulic crushing solution, filtration, water injection and other processes to deploy into a certain concentration of slurry, and then in the special metal mold by vacuum adsorption into wet billet products, The formed wet billet is then dried and hot-pressed.

2. This type of production line consists of seven major systems, namely:

 1) pulping system: The old newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes and other waste paper, through the crushing solution, screening, add chemical additives, such as the process of mixing into a certain concentration of slurry for molding use. The main equipment are: pulp crusher, barrel, bucket, slurry pump, water pump, stirrer, concentration control, control cabinets. 

2) Molding system: Through the vacuum effect makes the slurry evenly attached to the special molding mold, forming wet billet products, and then transferred to the drying system. 

3) Drying system: Use gas, LPG, LNG, diesel, steam, heat conduction oil and other heat sources, will be formed after the product drying wet. 

4) Tiered packaging system: After the drying of the product count, separation, stacking up, and automatically pack well. 

5) Vacuum system: To provide a vacuum for the mainframe molding products. 

6) Air pressure system: The main machine transfer products to provide compressed air. 

7) High-pressure water system: for the main engine cleaning mold to provide high-pressure water.


   The above is how to use the egg tray molding machine to produce pulp molded egg tray of the specific production process, as well as the production line of the seven major components of the system has also been introduced in detail, after reading for the pulp molding egg production process should have a general understanding, in fact, after understanding these, we can also operate their own use of egg tray machine, It will be smoother when we use it.