What are the precautions when using the egg tray equipment mold?
- Feb 12, 2012 -

Production tools play a decisive role in actual production. Taking Eggto processing, it is not enough to have the Eggto machines and peripherals. Of course, there are many ancillary facilities, mainly said here egg die equipment mold, because it is a key part of egg tray forming.
Die egg mold equipment used frequently, each opening and closing of the mold will cause a wear and tear itself, the use of prolonged use, wear accumulated to a certain extent, the mold performance will decline until the end of life scrapped. So, usually more experience egg tray equipment mold operation.
Egg tool equipment mold care precautions
First, remember to use the mold before playing lubricants, molds to minimize the friction of each run, to extend the service life.
Second, the machine did not stop running, the prohibition of direct contact with the mold, to prevent people from being hurt.
Third, use a special clamp to take the product, reduce the work.
Fourth, do not produce, the egg tray equipment mold should clean up the mold cavity debris, and then marked with anti-rust oil.
Fifth, regular inspection and measurement of die size, the data recorded, so die loss analysis, in order to control product quality within the scope of the pass.

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