What kind of material is the egg tray?
- Mar 19, 2018 -

The material used in egg paper trays is the waste paper produced in daily life.

The production process is:


First, the main raw material used in the manufacture of pulp molded egg (box) is the waste paper which is put into the hydraulic shredder and decomposed into pulp fiber by the shear force and friction of the water, and the pulp fiber enters into the slurry tank. To make the appearance of products more beautiful, clean, the slurry tank needs to be screened, that is, the impurities in the fiber slurry (film, hemp, coarse slag, etc.) removed. At the same time, further grinding of the slurry. To make the egg holder (box) with waterproof and other properties, but also in the process of grinding to add waterproof additives. After that, the slurry is diluted to a certain concentration, and eventually the slurry pump is sent to the slurry box of the forming machine. When the molding mould above the slurry box sinks completely into the slurry, the slurry is adsorbed on the surface of the mold and is gathered to the die surfaces because of the suction of the back vacuum of the molding die. Because of the special surface filtration and hollow structure of the molding mould, the pulp fiber in the assembled slurry is attached to the surface of the mould, and the water is drained away. The fiber layer attached to the mold surface is about 2.5mm thick, which is the wet billet of the egg holder (box) product. It contains about 75% of the water, which needs to be sent to the drying line (temperature 80~120℃) to dry. After drying of the egg (box) finished products only to be (plastic) packaging storage.


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