Development Status Of Pulp Molded Utensils
- Dec 10, 2012 -

Pulp molding disposable tableware market at this stage are mainly concentrated in foreign countries, which is determined by the national cognitive level and the development of the industry status quo.

one. Development Status of Pulp Molded Tableware in the International Market
Pulp molded environmentally friendly tableware is mainly used in the restaurant industry and a small part of the family. In foreign markets, they are mainly concentrated in the developed countries such as Britain and the United States, etc. The export of pulp-molded green tableware in China reached 89.04 million U.S. dollars in 2012. At present, many European countries are accelerating legislation to ban non-eco-friendly disposable tableware of a bubble type. Some of the world's leading food giants are major users of pulp molded cutlery such as "McDonald's," "KFC," "Coca-Cola," "Starbucks," "7-11," and "Wal-Mart." The company is located in:

Second, the status quo of the development of pulp molding tableware in the domestic market
The rise of China's economy brings about the growing material needs of the people and the increasingly accelerated pace of life. On the environmental protection, the awareness of the people is also gradually improved. Although the traditional non-environmental disposable tableware still occupies a long position, However, environmentally-friendly tableware such as pulp molded cutlery is also steadily rising. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the development of environment-friendly energy products will continue to be the direction of the national economy. The government is bound to step up its efforts to support the environmental protection industry and speed up the development of industry standards. This is great news for domestic pulp-molded tableware and other environmentally-friendly industries.