Do You Know The Development Foreground And Choice Of Pulp Moulding?
- Mar 25, 2018 -

  Pulp molding is a stereoscopic paper making technology. It takes waste paper as raw material and moulds a certain shape of paper products from a special mold on the molding machine.

It has four major advantages: the raw material for paper, paperboard, including waste paper, waste paper carton white edge, wide source; its production process from pulp, molding, drying and shaping processes can be completed, harmless to the environment; recycling; the volume ratio of foamed plastic can be small, overlapping, convenient transportation.

Pulp molding, in addition to serving lunch boxes and tableware, makes more industrial cushioning packaging, including egg boxes, egg tray, fruit holder, flower pot, disposable medical bedpan and so on.

  Pulp molding is a new type of packaging material, which is a good substitute for wood in recent years.

  Pulp molding products are used: raw material beating - batching - molding - drying - setting process. Because of the workpiece after molding, leaving a lot of water (about 55-60%), water content of final product rate is 12-14%, so in the drying process of the workpiece to remove about workpiece weight in general water, this part of the water depends on the absorption of heat into steam off. Due to the phase change in the drying process, the energy consumption is very large, and the pulp molding products are processed into high energy consumption products. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the thermodynamic analysis of the energy conversion process in the drying process. Because through analysis, it can improve the design and processing of drying equipment, improve the utilization of energy, and reduce the production cost of pulp moulded products industry.

  In recent years, along with the improvement of the national agriculture, medical products, food packaging, industrial packaging liners and building materials, the development of agriculture has also been paid much attention. So the sustainable development of agricultural roads is also the requirement of the first document of the state every year. An important part of flower seedlings breeding and agriculture development, the original has been the use of plastic pots or black plastic film as nursery pot, but this kind of product can not be degraded, if not promptly cleaned out will cause the pollution of land, so people are looking for a new alternative products, and the characteristics of pulp molding from nature to become the best alternative!

  The development and application of molded pulp products has become an inevitable trend of social development, this kind of product will also develop in all areas of society plays an important role, with its social and economic, artistic, no pollution, simple process and other advantages, will protect the natural environment, improve the living environment. Play a role. At the same time, as a commodity, it has a very broad market space and prospects for development, and will contribute to the development of the economy.

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