Egg Tray Machine
- Jan 28, 2018 -

Trademark: HONGRUN

Origin: China

HONGRUN manufactures egg tray machine egg tray machinery pulp moulding machinery for manufacturing egg packing trays, egg carton, apple packing tray and other moulded pulp trays packaging. 

Our pulp molding machinery are designed adopting uptodate rotary pulp moulding technology aiming for high productivity, convenience of mould changeover, easy maintenance, low energy and cost saving in mass scale moulded pulp production. Pulp moulding machine within HONGRUN manufacture are: Egg tray making machine, apple tray making machine, pulp male urine bottle moulding machine, egg carton box moulding machine and egg tray pulp molding mould tools. 

With egg tray machine from HONGRUN you will do much better quality egg trays than other Asian suppliers. We are proud to say our egg tray machine enjoys the highest productivity among China and India manufacturers, and has been the Asian leader in pulp molding industry. 

HONGRUN egg tray machine is designed taking into account of high productivity of normal 30 cell egg tray, as well as versatile packing needs from poultry farms and other industry, such as egg cartons(egg box with cover lids), apple trays and other industrial packing. Different molded pulp trays are workable through a quick mold tooling change-over. 

A complete egg tray machinery starts from waste paper recycling pulp making, wet pulp molding, online automatic drying, and automatic stacking and packing. Except the first and last process, all is in automatic production.