Environmental Protection Egg Tray Machine Adjusts Suitable Position
- Mar 20, 2018 -

    Environmental protection egg molding machine adjusts suitable position source network release time: 2018-3-8 at 1:10 this page information for commercial advertising when we use egg cone molding machine, we should pay special attention to its correct operation and matters needing attention, so that we can avoid misunderstandings when we use egg cone molding machine as far as possible. Of course, the daily maintenance work of egg tray molding machine is also indispensable. Next, Xiaobian will give you a detailed description of what we need to do when we maintain the egg support molding machine.

1. to clean the surface before the installation of the laying machine, confirm that the mold is properly installed on the mainframe.

2. adjust the egg forming machine to the right position

During the use of the 3. laying machine, the scope of the staff's activities should be fully guaranteed.

4. in the process of use, if abnormal sound is found, the operation of the machine should be stopped immediately. After the troubleshooting, it should be continued.

Environment-friendly egg laying machine

5. as the raw material of the egg is the pulp, the mold will be stained with some pulp during the operation of the host. Please clean it in time to reduce the loss of the mold.

After the egg tray drying system of all kinds of molded pulp products and egg production after molding machine supporting egg tray production line for drying, egg tray size and thickness, uniformity and egg tray are not up to the requirements of the more delicate symmetry, so hot sizing of our products by using hot pressing equipment. The molded pulp products we are much more dense, improve product strength and toughness, while the egg tray shape and the size of the long-term remain unchanged, the products of uniform thickness, smooth surface.

The pulp technology of the egg support molding machine is very important for the performance of the product. The pulping process is derived from the pulping process of the paper mill, but it is also different from the modified process. The requirement of the pulp moulded product to the fiber is not exactly the same as the addition of the auxiliaries. But looking at the above contents, the daily maintenance of egg support molding machine is also very important. Only when we work at ordinary times, we will be more convenient and successful when we use egg tray molding machine.