Environmental Protection Egg Tray Machine Manufacturers To Share The Production Process
- Feb 24, 2018 -


    Some people do not know how to choose the raw material and the production process of the egg holder: egg production of raw materials pulp has a lot of types, and the production process of pulp there are many steps, in order to make the raw material of the egg tray low price and raw material environmental protection, so that the quality of the eggs, can be long-term use, environmental protection egg machine manufacturers to carry out the following explanations:

  1. Pulp molded egg, pulp molded egg box, pulp molded fruit tray, such as pallet products are used newspapers, waste carton paper, discarded printed matter, and a variety of paper products factory scraps, such as raw materials, by hydraulic crushing solution, filtration, water injection and other processes to deploy into a certain concentration of slurry, and then in a special metal mold by vacuum adsorption into wet billet products, The formed wet billet is then dried and hot-pressed.

  2. Pulp molded egg tray, pulp molded egg box, pulp molding, such as pallet products production of main drying energy can be selected: diesel, natural gas, LPG, according to these types of energy in the local price situation, customers can choose the cheapest one of them; However, it needs to be utilized by steam or heat-conducting oil boilers, and the investment cost and floor area of the equipment will increase.

  3. Pulp molded egg, pulp molded egg box, pulp molded fruit tray, such as pallet products, mainly raw materials for waste paper, rich source, low price, is the comprehensive development and utilization of waste. Production process water is closed cycle use, no waste water, exhaust gas, pulp molding products in the use of finished, its waste such as ordinary paper can be recycled, even if abandoned in the natural environment, as the general paper as easily decomposed into organic materials, is a completely environmental-friendly products.

  4. Pulp molded egg, pulp molded egg box, pulp molding and other pallet products in the world has been used for more than more than 60 years, with its good protection.

    Make the pulp raw material of the egg-holding to be low price environmental protection and long-term use, will make most of the manufacturers satisfied with the above four is how we choose to make the pulp raw materials can be lower price, environmental protection and long-term use of the explanation, after reading can more study the production of pulp raw materials choice, more conducive to our selection of pulp raw materials.