How Do You Choose The Host Of The Egg Tray Machine?
- Jul 05, 2018 -

How do you choose the host of the egg tray machine? Is it really just a price issue?

  Now many customers are consulting, many customers ask me and our technical engineering: What is the price of the host of the egg tray production line? As long as the egg tray machine host is not the other, then the price comparison of various manufacturers, choose the lowest price of the one, on this issue? Our technical engineers have given our customers a very scientific explanation. Today, I am here to share with you. Also, in the customer's inquiry, the customer asked some questions?

  The first point: the production of the egg tray production line is not completed by a certain component. For example, a single egg tray host cannot be produced at all. It requires a pulp making system, a molding system, a wastewater recovery system, and a drying system. Several systems work together to produce each other, not a single host can do it.

 Second: There are some customers, they say that other accessories only need to choose a host, then the engineer suggests that as the output increases, the power of other appliances also needs to be increased. If only the host is replaced, then other appliances The power should also change and increase, otherwise, it will run dangerously.

 Then according to the customer's own needs. Only choose a host, then this host is the most important part of the entire production line, which is equivalent to the heart of our human body, then the choice of the host is really just a price issue? Here are some questions for the customer to answer your questions.

 Guest: The host is the same for all of your manufacturers. It is made of stainless steel. I definitely choose the cheapest one.

 Factory: No manufacturer will use the iron for the main machine, so the stainless steel material is also used. The thickness of the stainless steel will definitely be different. If you don’t compare the price, how to calculate the price?

 Guest: What difference will you have? How can it be done by a few stainless steel plates? Where can it be expensive?

 Factory: First of all, we are speechless about such a problem. Today we have a detailed explanation.

  1: The thickness of the stainless steel plate is thicker than our counterparts.

  2: The main gearbox on the mainframe, we don't need domestic, it is imported from Taiwan. The domestic general gearbox purchase price is about several thousand, the import cost is around 20,000, and the domestic gearbox is better than one year. Imported gearboxes are free of five years. Can you see the difference in cost? Because the gearbox directly affects the overall operation stability and output of the equipment

 3: It is the place where all the connections are. I don't know if the customer has seen it. All the connected places are directly welded by electric welding. This seems to be strong, but this is completely unscientific. The power generated after the equipment is running will make this The equipment is slightly deformed, so if all the welding is done and only one result is broken, then we will use the shaft connection, there is no welding, the torque generated by the operation of the equipment can be effectively activated, and the equipment is more stable.

 4: It is the axis. I believe that everyone knows that this axis has two kinds of the solid shaft and hollow shaft. This internal customer is invisible to the naked eye, then we only choose solid shaft.

 5: The most important part is the egg tray mold. The cost of the egg tray mold is currently 5000 sets, the rough processing mold of pure plastic, and all the products used by our company are the fine egg tray mold of plastic cast aluminum. Life expectancy is three years, how is the cost comparison?

 We just want to say that the price of one point is always right. The current economic situation is not good, business is not very good, but we will never lose quality.