Low Consumption Small Egg Box Machine Pulp Molding
- Dec 16, 2018 -
Product Description
low consumption small egg box machine pulp molding  

The whole production line

pulp molding system: 

Hydraulic pulper, High-frequency vibration sieve frame, Pulp pump, Strengthening of self-priming pump, Agitator

forming system: 

Filtering forming machine, Molds, Vacuum pump, Screw Air Compressor, Vacuum buffer tank, Air compressor 

storage tank, White Water pump, High-pressure water pump, Refiner machine, Power cabinet of the forming system

drying system: Conveyor, Blower, Induced fan, Burner, Bellows, etc

Note: The country with very high-temperature can choose the natural drying method, no need for the drying system. This way can reduce the cost.

packing system: baling machine

egg tray machine used for the making the molded pulp products
, such as egg tray, egg carton/box from waste paper.small invest
, mainly producing the pulp molded products, such as egg trayegg box, fruit tray, coffee tray.
, Material for the molded pulp products is waste paper, corrugated paper, waste newspaper, magazine.
, Semi-automatic control, PLC+Touch screen controller.
, stainless steel pulp tank, the surface of platens covered with stainless steel.
, transferred to a flat-bed automatically

the Mold of small egg box machine pulp molding

The molds material can use plastic or aluminous depend on buyer's request

  1. What kind of material we can use as the raw material?

 Any kind of waste paper like old newspaper, magazines, books, A4 paper etc, and easy to get

 2. What kind of Fuel can be used for the whole production line?

  Generally is coal, natural gas, diesel oil can be selectable.

3. What kind of finished products it can make?

All paper trays like paper egg tray, egg carton, egg box, fruit tray, bottle tray, electric product packingshoe tray etc.

4. How to install the paper tray production line?

 We will arrange two engineers to you, and stay about 30 days to install the egg tray production plant and train your persons to operate the production line, the salary is USD80 days per day per person, and you will pay for the related visa and round tickets cost for our engineers, provide accommodation for them.

5. How many countries you have shipped to the foreign county? 

Many countries like India, Algeria, Nigeria, Malawi, Bolivia, Egypt, Turkey etc.

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