Operation Of Egg Tray Making Machine
- Mar 16, 2018 -

    In many large supermarkets, we often see lots of eggs on the shelves, but they are all supported by egg tray, which will make the eggs stand firm. Of course, if you are using the egg laying machine, the egg support is the tool we see to support the egg. The egg molding machine equipment has the characteristics of stable performance, high safety, environmental protection and health. The whole process of making egg care is as follows:


    First, pulping. The waste paper scraps are put into the pulping machine, and the water and other raw materials are broken into pulp. This process is equivalent to those of waste paper recycled recycling.

    The second step, shape. The polished pulping is transported through the pipe to the part of the molding machine. The egg support molding machine is simply called the egg support molding machine equipment, through the different mold on the main engine, we can create different styles of egg tray, and also can replace the mold, and produce apple packaging, wine holder, seedling tray and other industrial packaging. After the molding was successful, the basic shape of the egg tray came out, but at this point they were still wet. The next step is to be carried out.

    The third step, drying. The dries are long and long, and the full range of hot air ensures that the eggs can be dried in a short time. Just shaped wet egg tray drying was sent to long, moving slowly on the conveyor belt, the feeling from the hot air from all sides, these formal help them put them on the moisture removal, waste paper generated formal heavy egg tray!

    Fourth step, pack. The link is to pack a new piece of egg, pack and squeeze it. It is convenient for transportation and transportation. The egg is sent to the big chicken farms, shopping malls and supermarkets to realize the value of their rebirth.

    Because the demand for eggs is bigger and bigger in our daily life, the safety problem of egg transportation has become a key problem for the farms. After using the pulp egg tray, the problem can be solved. Demand for egg tray increases, boosted the egg tray forming machine equipment sales, San Yee company production of egg tray machine equipment quality assurance, customer service service is good, you can rest assured to buy.