Present Situation And Development Trend Of Paper Packaging Manufacturing Equipment
- Apr 06, 2018 -

Present situation and development trend of paper packaging manufacturing equipment 

   Non-polluting, pollution-free "green packaging" has been the world's attention. It can not only meet the requirements of breathable, damp-proof, earthquake-resistant, pressure-resisting and so on, but also easy to recycle and do not cause environmental pollution of paper packaging containers, there is no doubt a wide range of development prospects.     

    The development of paper packaging container depends on the development of national economy and the progress of science and technology, which is expressed in some sense in the level of technical equipment. 

    Paper packaging containers include cartons, cartons, paper cups, paper trays, paper tubes, paper barrels, pulp molded products. Looking at the present situation and future of the main paper products such as corrugated carton, color carton and so on, it is of great significance to make the development strategy of the manufacturing equipment of paper packaging products in China. The following is the status of Chinese paper packaging container manufacturing equipment.

1. General situation of corrugated carton manufacturing equipment

   Corrugated board production originated in the United States, the 1940s began to appear full automatic corrugated board production lines. , in 1968, the company launched a width of 2.2m, the speed up to 212m/min modern carton production line, at the same time introduced a molding, die-cutting, folding, gluing a variety of models of equipment, thus beginning the carton machinery field of new technology in a big leap. Into the the 1990s, carton (box) industry into the computer and High-tech technology more widely used in the stage, microprocessor and microelectronics digital technology is not only used in carton (box) machinery electrical control devices and the implementation of mechanisms, but also widely used in the entire production process control and regulation. At present, the width of the foreign corrugated board production line has reached 3.3m, the speed is 300-350m/min to the level of development. In the 1994, the Netherlands began to produce more difficult equipment more demanding corrugated original paper weight only 90g/m2 light corrugated box.

    China's corrugated box equipment through the introduction of absorption and development of the road, and the century advanced level is gradually shrinking. At present, in the operation of equipment, flexibility (that is, no downtime for specifications, adapt to many varieties, small batch) and the speed of the width of the same equipment with developed countries have a certain distance.

 2, Carton manufacturing Equipment Overview

    The cardboard color carton is a kind of widely used packaging container for sales. Its manufacturing process is relatively complex, to undergo a fixed piece of paper-decorating printing-glazing calendering-die-cutting indentation-folding paste boxes and other processing processes. Before the operation of a single single function of the primary production, and some also to be supplemented by manual operation, low production efficiency, labor intensity, carton quality is not high.

    With CAD/CAM, CNC, laser and other High-tech applications in the carton industry, greatly improve the carton mechanization, automation level. For example, the emergence of high-speed automatic flat-die-cutting machine, than in the past need manual operation of the card box machine work efficiency improved nearly 10 times times; automatic folding paste Box machine development success, the end of the common carton artificial paste box history. The use of CAM equipment such as automatic Cheli, automatic scimitar machine, cardboard box, and numerical control laser graphics cutting machine is a technological revolution in the production of carton die cutting board.

    Because of the variety of cartons and complex structure, and its processing technology and the subject of a wide range of disciplines, so want to achieve the universal manufacturing equipment, standardization, serialization is very difficult. Because of our country carton Industry Foundation is weak, its manufacturing equipment and international advanced level comparison also has very big disparity. Therefore, China carton machinery development space is very large, further development of advanced performance carton Manufacturing Equipment task is very heavy.

3, Honeycomb cardboard and carton production equipment overview

   Honeycomb cardboard in the last century in the 60 's just the advent of the with its lightweight and reasonable bionic structure, the high compressive strength of the same sex and good cushioning, vibration isolation, insulation, noise and other performance by the construction, travel industry and other industries, in the packaging industry in many aspects also shows incomparable advantages and good prospects for development.

    The structure of Honeycomb paperboard is composed of two layers plate, honeycomb paper core and adhesive, and it is mainly made of honeycomb paper core by drawing and manufacturing method.

    In the late 80 of last century, our country began the development of honeycomb cardboard box equipment. The research and development work is on the basis of digesting and absorbing the honeycomb paperboard production line imported from Korea, England and Holland, and has made a series of gratifying achievements.

   At present, the production of Honeycomb paperboard production line in China basically reached the advanced level of the last century in the 90 's. Domestic and foreign Honeycomb paper core, paperboard production equipment, the main technical parameters of the basic similar, Honeycomb paper core height, the thickness of the user requirements of honeycomb paperboard different, in the paper core speed can reach 20-50m/min. But the speed of Seihan abroad can reach the highest 30m/min, And the domestic because of the core and Seihan equipment is connected into a production line, Seihan speed only for 5-8m/ Min. In addition, the domestic Honeycomb paperboard production line and advanced equipment compared with a certain gap, mainly in: 1 production equipment varieties less, 2 low degree of automation, it is difficult to achieve the standardization and serialization of Honeycomb products, 3 equipment processing accuracy is not high, 4 for honeycomb paperboard products Molding processing equipment is basically in the blank. It is urgent to accelerate the development of ancillary equipment.

  4, Pulp mold production equipment overview

    Pulp molding industry has more than more than 80 years of development history, at present in the United Kingdom, Iceland, Canada and other developed countries in large scale, the process is more mature. From 1984, our country introduced a drum-type pulp molding production line from the French company, by 1988, the first domestic research and development of pulp molding production line, China's pulp molding industry from scratch, and the end of the pulp molding equipment dependence on the history of imports, but before 1993, the product single, lower grade, Mainly in eggs, fruit and beer tray mainly. With the increase of export trade and the restriction of export products to environmental protection, since 1995, the pulp molding industry in China has a new leap, to the late the 1990s, began to scale and industrialization. Now domestic pulp molding equipment can not only supply domestic, but also has a production line exported to foreign countries.

    The main production equipment of pulp molding products are: Hydraulic crushing machine, slurry pool, forming machine, dryer, Hot Press, Chebeng, etc.

    Pulp molding machine is one of the main equipment for the production of molded pulp products, according to the classification of forming a number of types, of which rotary molding machine efficiency is the highest, suitable for the production of fruit, egg, bottle, such as large bulk, depth of the stereotypes of the special products; grouting molding machine is mainly used for the production of Fast tableware, horn paper pots and other shapes simple, Lightweight pulp molded products; die-casting machine is mainly used to produce large gravity, positioning function of the main pulp molding products, reciprocating and rotary molding machine to make the current pulp molding cushioning Shockproof packaging products production of the main models. China's 95% of the molding machine is reciprocating molding machine, low production efficiency, energy consumption, raw material adaptability is poor, the urgent need to return to the molding machine to solve the defects of reciprocating molding machine. The rotary forming machine was introduced into China in the mid 1990s, and it was developed and perfected rapidly. With the continuous progress of the technology of the domestic rotary forming machine, it shows its superiority and progressiveness more and more.

    So far, the production of pulp mold equipment in China can adopt advanced gas control technology, PLG Man-machine interface technology, can synthesize the requirements of pulp molding process to adopt a unique design to meet the production of not similar products need. In the case of ensuring the forming effect and the quality of the products, the same product can be produced in large quantities, and many products can be manufactured at the same time, and the quantity of equipment can be determined flexibly according to the scale of the product.

    After more than 10 years of efforts, the level of pulp molding equipment in China has made considerable progress, but there are still many deficiencies, mainly in: 1 die manufacturing means backward, low efficiency, high cost, resulting in the quality of products is not high; 2 China's 95% molding machine is reciprocating, three-position stereotypes very low-key, The overall level of automation is not high, production efficiency is low. The hot pressing machine in the equipment also uses the electric heating in certain scope, the energy consumption is huge; 3 suitable for paper-plastic small accessories mainly rely on imports, 4 domestic pulp model molding has not yet standardized.

Development trend of production equipment for paper packaging products

    Paper packaging container Manufacturing equipment is auxiliary packaging machinery, from the above mentioned several major paper containers of the manufacturing equipment, although the paper containers of their respective production technology is completely different, the development of manufacturing equipment, the history and background is not the same, advanced degree and the gap between the domestic and foreign, but their development trend has the following characteristics:

 1 ) Production equipment will be high-speed, efficient, multi-functional, highly automated direction. With the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous progress of human society, paper packaging container product diversification of the development trend is irreversible, market competition will be further intensified. Paper packaging container manufacturing equipment will be multi-functional and high-speed direction. In order to improve the productivity of equipment and enterprise efficiency, the lower production rate of single machine is bound to be replaced by production lines, those low grade production lines will be accelerated to upgrade to high-speed, efficient, low consumption, closed pollution-free, highly automated direction. In order to adapt to the products of many varieties, small quantities of demand, equipment can be designed into modular, function can be reduced, in a short period of time can be converted into new models, thereby increasing the flexibility of the equipment and flexible.

2)  Equipment parts and components production will be universal, serialization, standardization and specialization in the direction of development. To ensure the high quality of paper packaging container manufacturing equipment, the production of its parts must be universal, serialized and standardized. Some developed countries to produce packaging machinery, general-purpose parts, standard parts accounted for 70% of the whole machine parts, some up to 90%, far higher than the level of our country. The production specialization of mechanical parts is an important means to improve product quality and reduce cost, and it is also the only way to develop the production equipment of paper packaging container. On the equipment, many parts will be produced by General standard parts factory and highly specialized manufacturer. Some control parts, structural parts and common equipment are the same, you can borrow. It is very advantageous to maintain the production equipment, shorten the renewal period of the equipment and improve its reliability.

3)  The wide application of high and new technology makes the paper packaging container's manufacturing equipment function more advanced and reliability further enhanced. There is a certain gap between the performance of Chinese paper packaging container manufacturing equipment and the advanced level of foreign similar equipment, and the main reaction is the technical content of equipment. Attaching importance to the application of high technology has become the main way to improve the advanced and reliability of equipment. In the future, the paper packaging container manufacturing equipment should be widely used in CAD, CAE, limited analysis, optimization design, reliability design, concurrent design, modular design, such as modern design methods, the use of Cam, CNC, Capp and other modern manufacturing technology to improve the design of equipment, manufacturing level. Also vigorously promote and apply the microcomputer control technology, on-line monitoring and display technology, to adapt to multi-functional, highly reliable, easy to operate, low-cost requirements, increase the flexibility of equipment, adaptability.