Pulp Molding Equipment Production Process
- Oct 31, 2012 -

Pulp molding production technology also belongs to one of papermaking technology. It is a three-dimensional paper-making process, using waste paper as raw material, recycling used paper to repulping, and paper products molded in a specific shape in a specific pulp molding tool.

Pulp molded products are generally used for shockproof packaging and transportation and are widely used in the packaging and transportation of eggs, fruits, household appliances, electronic products and paper cutlery.

Pulp molding process is simple, the main process includes pulping, with pulp, mixing, conveying pulp, forming, drying, shaping, stacking and other processes. Pulp molded products storage and transportation is also more convenient, light weight, overlap, occupy a relatively small space.

Pulp molding molding mode, can be divided into drum forming, reciprocating molding, moving out of molding, roll forming, etc., according to the customer's production requirements, as well as the actual production needs to consider what kind of models . One pair of roller pulp molding equipment is now the most productive machine, can be used for large quantities, simple structure of the production of pulp molded products.

With the development of technology and market demand, the future of pulp molding equipment will be more widely used in the field of existing applications, and gradually replace non-environmentally friendly packaging products.

We will continue to devote ourselves to the research and development of pulp molding equipment and make our contribution to the environmental protection in the world.