Pulp Molding Fruit Care Production Technology, The Technical Characteristics Of The Production Line
- Sep 10, 2012 -

It seems simple and not technically simple pulp molded fruit tray, the first thing to be solved is the difficulty of pulp molding technology contempt. It involves mechanical, electronic, chemical, thermal, paper science, fruit and other multidisciplinary, only the use of these integrated technologies to solve the related pulp molding technology. Only the relevant pulp molding technology supporting the application, in order to produce and import quality comparable to pulp molding tray products. Otherwise, it is hard to improve on some grounds. Second, research and manufacture of advanced pulp molding equipment, pulp molding production line technology, which is to produce qualified pulp molding products, the key factor. Third, research and development of pulp molding mold technology, to ensure the perfect smooth suction mud drainage. Fourth, according to the different shapes and specifications of the fruit, multi-shape and multi-specification pulp molding trays are designed to meet the needs of the market.