Pulp Molding Industry's Operating Conditions
- Jul 17, 2013 -

1. Pulp molded egg tray and fruit tray products are affected by aquaculture and fruit production. They have strong seasonality, single product, low quality requirement, low market price and large usage volume, and the market profit keeps at about 10%. Production equipment is generally obsolete, simple, small-scale enterprises to family-based enterprises.

In recent years, China's exports of fruits continue to increase, export fruit care requirements of high quality, good price, many companies missed the opportunity because of the inability to produce.

2. Pulp molded industrial products lined with shockproof packaging products industry is the rapid development in recent years, the sunrise industry, with its good shock resistance, "waste" use, recyclable, easy to decompose, pollution-free environmental advantages and low cost The cost advantage of traditional packaging (EPS) foam is favored by foreign investment, joint ventures and domestic exporters in China. Pulp molding industry, the rapid development of the packaging industry, the current development of the product has reached more than 1,000 kinds, involving household appliances, communications equipment, computer accessories, hardware tools, toys, ceramics, glassware, lighting, food, medicine, cosmetics, agricultural products, industry. The most developed and mature pulp and paper packaging in the country is the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong, followed by East China (Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang) and Beijing-Tianjin.

Pulp molding industrial packaging products market potential, profit margins. According to statistics, there are more than 500 foam packaging plants in Guangdong and Dongguan in Guangdong alone, with an annual output value of 5 billion yuan. There are only about 60 pulp and paper molding plants with great potential for development. Most of the country's rapid development of enterprises, the basic realization of semi-automatic large-scale production, there are several annual output value of more than 10 million yuan of enterprises. Is a rapid development of new industries.

3, Pulp molded disposable tableware products After several years of development, in the production process, product performance, machinery and equipment has been quite mature, fully automated large-scale production capacity. China's pulp molding disposable tableware is currently mainly used for rail transport, tourist areas, star hotels and supermarkets, in addition to some exported to Japan, South Korea and Western Europe, the United States and other regions, affected by the market development of pulp molded tableware industry Relatively slow. However, the prospects are very good. With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection and the strong government support, I believe there will be a great development in the industry in the coming years.

In summary, the pulp molding industry in our country has grown from a childish small, single, rough pilot project for the development of an advanced technology, mature technology, well-equipped, high-quality products, a complete range of widely used new environmentally friendly packaging Technology industry.