Pulp Molding Machine Factory Site Selection
- Jun 11, 2018 -

1. When setting up a pulp and plastic packaging product factory site, it should be noted that the distance from potential customers in the future should not be too far away (product exporters are not included in this list) because pulp molded packaging products are not as compact as stacking of tableware. The packaged product of the same style is also relatively large and of low value; it is not suitable for long-distance transportation from an economic point of view. In general, the transport distance should not exceed 250 kilometers, otherwise the shipping costs are not easily affordable to the manufacturer or the user. Because of this feature, paper-based packaging products are generally not prone to cross-regional market competition (and there may be exceptions).

2. It is not advisable to set the scale too much when building a factory for the first time, because market interruption and the maturity of production technology management will take a long time. According to our preparation experience, the second production line was taken into consideration in terms of site and hydropower in the first production line. Otherwise, once the market needs to enter the market, it is not possible to expand the production on site and it is necessary to build another factory. It will inevitably increase the investment outside the equipment and cause the increase of managers and technicians.

3, because of the diversification of pulp molding packaging products will inevitably appear in the material, color or pulp concentration and other aspects of the requirements are not the same, so first on a production line (a semi-automatic production line composed of several molding machines) also Two sets of slurry systems should be set up, namely two small pulpers, two pulp supply equipment, two pools and a white water tank. Such orders and arrangements for production have certain mobility and leeway.

4. If a manufacturer of pulp molding and packaging products is not designed specifically for one or two varieties, but is faced with the production of versatile and versatile packaging products, the area of such warehouses must be large enough, generally not less than the production site. Half of it, otherwise it cannot meet actual needs. Because you may have dozens of styles of varieties to produce, and each style must be shipped in a certain quantity (because small quantities and multiple shipments will increase the total shipping costs), so the product inventory will be larger.

5, the positioning of the grade of the production plant of pulp molded packaging products. From a production point of view, the factory's factory floor is less demanding. In the south, it only needs to be free from sunlight, rain, and the area and height can guarantee the operation of the equipment and operate according to the process. Of course, there is also a requirement for insulation in the north. Therefore, we use a simple factory form in a production plant in Guangdong. Metal structures are used for columns, beams, and roofs, and there are no pilings. For such a factory, it took us less than five months from civil engineering, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning until we issued the first container filled with products. From a business point of view, more formal, high-end plant and environmental greening and beautification of the pre-plant area will often enable visiting users to confirm that the company is strong, operating normally, and highly reliable. This enhances the ordering of large customers. Confidence is good. For this reason, we have a large-scale paper mold packaging product factory that is built on a high-end basis. Although it has invested a lot, it has actually proved that it has played a role.