Structure Of Pulp Molding Equipment
- Mar 09, 2013 -

The structure of the pulp molding automation equipment consists of a pulp molding machine in the middle, two hot pressing machines on both sides, a moving car, a horizontal guide rail and a detection system. Suction molding, followed by heat and pressure to form a pulp molded product. Pulp molding equipment production process is: after the slurry is delivered to the pulp pool, the pulp molding mold pushed by the cylinder into the slurry pool suction slurry, the slurry is adsorbed on the mold, the mold upper and lower mold together, extrusion After the upper and lower molds are separated, the wet pulp product is transferred to the upper mold, the upper mold is moved to the hot mold position, the lower mold is heated and the upper mold is clamped, the product is transferred to the hot mold, and the upper mold and the upper mold are molded The hot mold is separated, the upper mold and the hot mold are combined together, and the hot mold is pressed and fixed. The hot mold and the hot mold are separated after being shaped, and the product is sent to the pick-and-place device by the hot mold.