Talking About The Characteristics Of Two Types Of Pulp Molded Articles In Management
- Feb 12, 2012 -

Due to the need of environmental protection, pulp molding as a new type of industry is gradually moving toward society. However, in the past few years, pulp molding products are paper cutlery, and the understanding of mold packaging materials is rather vague.
Now these two major categories of paper project in the management of the characteristics of a shallow analysis and comparison for those interested in these projects units and individuals for reference.
First, the market for pulp molded products will certainly be formed.
With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, whether in domestic or overseas packaging of industrial products will certainly gradually come to an end and limit the large foam applications, and industrial paper care is an ideal substitute. This is also evidenced by our own development over the past few years. Baoding, Hong Kong Environmental Protection Packaging Development Co., Ltd. in 1994 at the end of investing in factories in Dongguan, the establishment of the first industrial papermaking production line, due to continuous improvement of technology and management, market success, has developed into a two have each have 10,000 Square large paper care plant, a total of eight production lines. Currently in Beijing and Suzhou are still planning to build a new factory.
From the market's point of view, the paper table utensils in the national legislation ban foam plastic tableware production period, the market demand will rapidly increase. Also, due to the production costs of paper cutlery abroad generally higher than our country, so foreign markets also have greater demand.
Second, using low-grade raw materials to package high-value items is the economic benefits of paper packaging industry can get a better return on the package. Paper mold paperboard industry is generally the use of cardboard scrap and old newspapers as raw materials, their low value, adequate supply, and packaging objects are often some high-end electronic products, machinery parts, handicrafts. Such as computer hardware, audio, mobile phones, fax machines, high-end phones, micro-motors, auto parts, lamps and so on. Due to the high value of the packaged object itself, the internal packaging cost accepted by the customer is also relatively high. In this respect, the same is true for tableware in molded pulp products. They use high-grade materials to package low-value items, making it harder to take profits.
Third, engaging in industrial packaging paper molding technology is high, not prone to swarm chaos on the situation. As the industrial packaging of paper products each model is a dedicated new products, have to go through the design, modeling, manufacturing model, testing, correction and other procedures in order to formally mass production, coupled with how much profit and production technology and management Level has a lot to do, so investors must be thoughtful, in addition to financial problems but also consider the personnel equipment, professional training, etc., unlike paper cutlery as long as the funds are in place, choose a device supplier can be immediately launched.
Fourth, for the industrial packaging of paper models, a wide variety and generally speaking, each style of product for continuous production of time will not be too long, it is not easy to appear the same product under pressure to compete with each other's situation. The variety of paper dishes monotonous, each style of continuous production time is very long, extremely vulnerable to vicious competition.
Fifth, the industrial packaging paper molding complex geometry, the same style stacked larger package, long-distance transport costs, it is not prone to cross-regional competition. The die-cutlery due to the simple shape of the simple stack packing so long-distance transport costs are lower. As long as there is a market, cross-regional sales competition is most likely to occur.
Six, for the same package, industrial packaging paper and paper products cost and foam close, it does not need to tilt the policy can also be a firm footing in the market. However, cutlery production technology is foam two to three times, it does not rely on the policy tilt and strengthening of law enforcement, you can not squeeze in the cutlery market. From a large number of paper-cut tableware factory in recent years, the shutdown can prove this point.
Seven, two types of paper products factory construction site requirements are different. Paper mold package products factory site must go with the market, that is, close to the user. Because the paper mold package a wide range of products, complex shapes, can not be packed tightly packed, so the higher shipping costs. Coupled with users are often more formal large enterprises, their pursuit of zero inventory of packaging materials, for the supply of small quantities, uninterrupted supply, it is not suitable for long-distance transport. In general, the delivery radius should not exceed.
Eight, paper mold cutlery site selection is different. Because the product can be closely nested, high-volume shipping costs are very low, so do not necessarily close to the market. More importantly, factories with cost advantages should be established because the production cost of paper cutlery is greatly different in the country due to the geographical and other objective conditions. For example, in some places, the electricity bill is only 0.35-0.4 yuan / kWh, while in many places it is 0.7-0.9 yuan / kWh. In some places, wet pulp can be used directly. The cost of raw materials is only 2,000 yuan / ton, while the average factory can only use Raw material plate costs 3000 to 4000 yuan / ton; ordinary salary in some areas only 3500 ~ 4000 yuan / month, while the general area of the factory workers have to 5000 ~ 6000 yuan / month. The difference between these three cost components of light (energy, materials, and labor) can lead to large differences in the cost of manufacturing that occur in different locations. If the light market without cost advantage, the business outlook is very dangerous, because cheap foreign goods will put you down.

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