What Is The Function Of The Egg Tray Machine?
- Feb 24, 2018 -

    The role of the egg tray machine is many, according to the egg-supporting machine and some of the egg-supporting equipment have their own role, mainly as follows: The egg is usually referred to as the egg, eggs, eggs and other packaging things, its main role is shock absorption, easy to transport and with. According to the production of raw materials can be divided into pulp and egg, plastic eggs, etc., according to the number of eggs can be divided into a single egg tray and tray and other eggs. An egg-horn omelet with ice cream is also known as an ice cream omelet. Paper pulp egg support pulp and egg tray is the use of recycled pulp by forming machine limitations, because of its simple manufacturing technology, low-cost, no environmental pollution, known as "green" packaging, is our usual most common kind of egg. Plastic egg is used as raw material, but the production of colorful, exquisite egg-shaped. Because of its high cost, usually in the high-end supermarket with more. The single egg tray single egg tray monomer is usually used in family or Western restaurant, and has the advantage of cute exterior.