What Is The Thickness Of The Pulp Molded Article And The Weight It Takes? Is It Related To Strength?
- Feb 02, 2013 -

1, with the existing technology level, the thickness of paper products roughly 1mm --- 6mm, the general thickness of the product are mostly maintained at about 2.5mm;

2, from the current quality and application of paper packaging products point of view, the maximum load carrying capacity of up to 200 kg, take the shape is not too complicated, weighing less than 50 kg of product packaging within the liner is the best choice;

3, paper-based packaging cushioning effect is mainly the use of its paper wall by the impact of elastic deformation, thus reducing the offset force to achieve. The elasticity of the mold material itself is not high, mainly depends on the design of the product support bar and the buffer chamber formed by it. The design of the support bar plays a crucial role in the elastic deformation of the paper mold packaging product, that is, the buffer capacity Basis of support design is the product of the shape and purpose of the product itself.