Drm Egg Tray Machine

Drm Egg Tray Machine

The capacity is 2000pcs/h and the products is paper egg tray /egg box/fruit tray and so on. The raw material is the waste paper like the newspaper,magazine, paper carton. We alos can design the product and production line accordint to the customer's requirements.

Product Details

1.Egg holder is generally used to put eggs, duck eggs and other eggs packaging tools, its main role is shock absorption, easy to transport and carry.According to the production of different materials can be divided into pulp egg, plastic egg and so on, according to the number of eggs can be divided into monomer egg and plate egg and so on.

The basic information.

2.Production process of pulp egg custard:

Pulverize waste paper (cartons, books and newspapers, etc.) recycled from the market into pulp with a special shredder

Adjust pulp concentration to 0.5%-1% by adding water

The pulp is transferred to the pulp molding machine, and the pulp is adsorbed on the pulp molding mold by vacuum suction. After vacuum dewatering, the pulp is dried or dried

Pulp egg holder is a new kind of environmental protection product, which can directly crush the recycled waste paper without industrial treatment.

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