Waste Paper Recycle Used Pulp Molding Machine

Waste Paper Recycle Used Pulp Molding Machine

High precision servo motor drive , high efficiency, and energy-saving drying line. 1 , Use precision reducer servo motor forming and transferring to ensure smooth and fast operation. 2 , Use absolute encoder to achieve accurate correction. 3 , The use of bronze casting static and dynamic ring...

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Product nameWaste Paper Recycle Used Pulp Molding Machine
Applicable industries

Top-grade electrical products, wearable smart devices, electronics, 

the wine industry


Production package for cell phone,wearable smart device,meat trays etc.

Waste Paper150-300kg/hr
0#Diesel Oil40-75kg/hr
Natural Gas55-115m³
Natural Gas65-75m³/hr
Chemical for Water Resistence4.5-9kg

The Caloric Value Of The 


10000k carl/kg(Diesle Oil)
8000k carl/m³(Natural Gas)
10000k carl/kg(LPG)


High precision servo motor drive, high efficiency, and energy-saving drying line.
1, Use precision reducer servo motor forming and transferring to ensure smooth and fast operation.
2, Use absolute encoder to achieve accurate correction.
3, The use of bronze casting static and dynamic ring structure is more suitable for product dewatering process.
4, The use of mechanical structure to ensure that the mold closes on both sides evenly.
5, Large capacity; Water content is low; Save the cost of drying.
Related Instructions
Production Line Overview
Automation Condition; Fully automatic production line.
Output: Maximum capacity: The output of the line is 150-300/hr.(different product has different output, this data only for reference)
Operator Required: 12 people/shift to operate the whole system. (1 on pulping, 1 on forming, 2 on drying, 4 on hot-pressing, 3 on inspection&packing, 1 on maintenance, and 1 as foreman.)
Recommended Workshop Size: 45x 15 (m), height>6m.can be adjusted according to customer's requirement
Installation: Supplier should appoint 2 engineers to instruct buyer in installation, test-run, and training
Warranty: Life-long service, sustainable supply and upgrade of parts and components, One-year   
warranty( three-year warranty for mechanical parts and main structure)
Production line configuration: this is a standard production, or we can fulfill the needs of customized require
World-Famous Components Brands
55555555.jpgWith more than 20 years of accumulated technical experience, we will be based on your investment intentions, such as capital, plant, target market and other details of a full range of analysis.
On sale service
1. According to your internal size of the workshop, we will not only provide you detailed layout, the planning of pipe and line design, also provide the basis of your equipment infrastructure construction, procurement, and installation of materials.
2.When equipment into the factory, by the capable installation team to install and debug; After commissioning, the staff training of the system, including two parts: classroom explanation and practice, the structure of the equipment, principle and production technology, day-to-day maintenance and common troubleshooting and other contents of the detailed explanation and practical exercises.
After-sale service
The equipment we sold: "Lifelong tracking service, one-year free warranty" (except for vulnerable parts and abnormal failure), one year after, the cost of spare parts and service.

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