Pulp Molding Fruit Tray Apple Tray Machine

Pulp Molding Fruit Tray Apple Tray Machine

Pulp Molding Fruit Tray Apple Tray Machine

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Features of the pulp molding machine egg tray machine fruit tray machine:
This pulp molding egg tray Production line occupation: about 720m2.

    Requirement for the workshop:height ≥5m,width≥12m,length≥60m.
    Total power for the production line: 327KW.
    Workforce for the production line:4-6/shift.
    Main parts adopted are with International brand which is reliable in quality and convenient in after-sales service. And energy saving is the most distinctive feature of HGHY equipment compared with congener
equipment internationally.
    All the water are recycled used in the production and the raw material is waste paper, so the water should be changed in certain time. For the countries that lack water, a water purifying system is recommended.
    The supplier will be responsible for the instruction in installation, test running, and training. Warranty: one year since finishing the installation.
    The equipment equipped in this production line is supposed to the production of 30 cell egg trays. If the users plan to produce egg cartons, cup carriers or fruit trays etc., they should add the hot pressing, labeling or printing equipment, and other auxiliary equipment. The occupation area, total power, and workforce will be increased accordingly. 

    For further inquiry, please feels free to contact us.


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