Egg Holder Equipment

Egg Holder Equipment

The egg holder equipment is made of waste newspaper, waste carton paper, leftover materials from paper mill or printing factory, etc., which are prepared into slurry of certain concentration by hydraulic pulping, batching and other processes. The slurry is vacuum adsorbed on a special metal mold to form wet billet products.

Product Details

There is no waste water and waste gas discharged in the production process of egg holder equipment.The main raw material used in production is waste paper, which is rich in source and cheap in price. It is a comprehensive development and utilization of waste.Egg carrier equipment in the completion of its packaging in the storage, transportation, sales and other commodity circulation in the buffer shock protection mission, its waste is recyclable as ordinary paper, even if abandoned in the natural environment is as easy to decompose into plant fiber as ordinary paper.

1. Main machine: two-side drum structure, servo motor accurate positioning, transfer, drum, divided into two parts of transmission.PLC control, touch screen display and parameter input.The total installed power of the main engine is about 14.5kw.

2. drying room: can be used in multi-layer drying room and single-layer drying room two kinds of structure.Multi - layer dryer independent transmission, continuous operation chain plate and transfer mold accurate positioning.Six layer chain plate structure.The total length is about 20 meters.The effective drying length is 10 meters.The drying time of the product is 17 minutes.There are automatic unloading device and stacking and counting device.Single layer drying room also USES independent transmission mode, teflon mesh belt.The total length of anti - F duct and blast pipe is 42 meters.The effective drying length is 37 meters.

3. Energy consumption:

1. Total installed capacity: about 185KW.Total power consumption 110 KWH/h (110 KWH).

2. Water consumption: according to the output of 3000 tablets/hour, about 0.6-1 ton/hour is used.

3, paper: depending on the quality of waste paper, according to the output of 3000 pieces/hour calculation, generally every hour of paper in about 300Kg.This according to the customer's requirements, the product requirements of heavy paper consumption can be more.4. Fuel consumption: diesel;25 kg/h.Liquefied natural gas: about 23 cubic meters.Pipeline natural gas: 27 cubic meters.

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