Automatic Rotary Egg Tray Machine, Automatic Forming Machine Egg Box Making Machine, Paper Pulp Egg Tray Production Line manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Professional Supplier Automatic Rotary Egg Tray Machine and so on.

Product Details


Our egg tray machine sold to 30 countries all over the world, we are a professional manufacturer in the egg tray machine field.

All egg tray production line included 4 sections (egg tray forming section + egg tray pulp making section + egg tray drying section + egg tray stacking section )

This egg tray machine is a drum type, can be used for producing all kinds of 30-cells egg tray or apple tray etc. 

It cannot produce industry pulp trays by changing molds accordingly.

· Raw material: waste paper, waste carton, old book, newspaper, corrugated paper etc.

· Pulp making section: Hydrapulper, vibration sieve frame, Pulp pump, refiner, sewage pump, agitator etc.

· Egg tray forming section: Egg tray forming machine, Molds, Vacuum pump, Screw Air Compressor, Vacuum buffer tank, Air compressor, storage tank, High-pressure water pump.

· Egg tray drying system: Conveyor, Blower, Induced fan, Burner, Bellows, etc.

Note: The country with very high-temperature can choose the natural drying method, no need for the drying system. This way can reduce the cost.


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