Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

Egg tray manufacturing machine the main part of egg tray production line, there required other portion like pulping system and drying system etc. Pulp molding process: Pulping system ---- Egg tray manufacturing system ---- Drying system ---- Collection system The pulping system using water paper...

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Egg tray manufacturing machine the main part of egg tray production line, there required other portion like pulping system and drying system etc.

Pulp molding process:
Pulping system ---- Egg tray manufacturing system ---- Drying system ---- Collection system
The pulping system using water paper as raw material, such as corrugated carton or newsprint will be put into the hydrapulper and the waste paper will be smashed and beated to a certain pulp consistency. The pulp from the pulper will go to the pulp adjusting tank and adjusted the pulp to ready pulp consistency.
This machine consists of the forming molds with stainless steek mesh and transfer tools. The wet egg trays is formed by vacuum system and the formed wet egg trays will be transferred to the conveyor belt of dryer with the compressed air effect.
The working principle is vacuum forming, using water-ring vacuum pump to make the vacuum space inside the forming molds, and then transfer the wet trays by the impetus of air compressor.
All the working process is automatically, controlled by PLC program.

The models available are as following:
Reciprocating type: small capacity
Rotary type: medium capacity
Double-roller type: big capacity
Different egg tray manufacturing machine model has different function.
The pulp moulded egg tray, fruit tray production line are made of waste paper such as used newspaper, waste carton, off-cut in paper making mills and printing factories. The pulp board is to some chemicals, the fiber in the pulp will cover the wiremesh of the mold with the effect of the vacuum. The wet blank becomes the finished products after drying, smashed in the hydrapulper and adjusted to a certain consistency. After being added hot pressing.
Egg tray production line is suitable for the following products: 
Egg tray (30-cell)
Egg box/carton (6-cell, 10-cell, 12-cell, 6+6-cell, 15-cell, 18-cell and etc)
Fruit tray (for apple, tomato, pear and etc.)
Cup carrier (4 pack and 2 pack)
Some medical-care products and fixed shape (the design doesn't change frequently) pulp molding products with large quantity.

1. The main raw material is wasted paper and can be collected easily at low cost. 
2. The water in production is all recirculatedly used, and there is no wasted water and exhausted gas discharged during the production. Besides, the used pulp molded packages could be recycled and would never pollute the earth because of its biodegradability.
3. The main energy used to dry the pulp molded products such as egg tray, egg box/carton, fruit tray etc. can be chosen from 0# diesel oil, natural gas, LPG depending on local cost. 
The steam, heat conducting oil and heavy oil also could be applied to dry the products, but the investment and field occupation would be increased.
3. The pulp molding product like egg tray, egg box/carton, fruit tray and etc. has been used for more than 60 years in the world. It is an ideal product for egg and fruit packing due to its good performance in protection and low cost.
The specifications of the pulp molding production lines are divers due to different customer preferences, market demands, labor cost, energy cost, field availability and climate in different areas. Considering this, our company developed many pulp molding production lines in different specifications to meet the customer's requirements.





Drying System



Reciprocating type

Sunshine drying or Single-layer egg tray drying system



Rotary type

Multi-layers egg tray drying system



Double-roller type

Multi-layers egg tray drying system


tray of eggs, paper pulp egg holder, quail egg boxes, eggs in a box, egg crate, egg tray, egg container, egg cartons for sale, chicken egg holder etc.

Egg tray

20, 30, 40 packed egg tray… quail egg tray

Egg carton

4, 6, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 24 packed egg carton…

Agricultural products

Fruit tray, seeding cup

Cup salver

2, 4 cup salver

Disposable Medical Care Products

Bedpan, sick pad, female urinal…


Shoe tree, industrial package…

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1. Different capacity for choice
2. Controlling system: PLC program automatic control;
3. Two operation type choices: Manual or Automatic mode;
4. Made by 304# STAINLESS STEEL material;
5. All the steel of egg tray machine has went through shot blasting treatment;
6. All the major part were made by precision CNC milling machine;
7. Dual Driven Design can make egg tray machine running more stable;
8. CNC processing molds production: Plastic egg tray molds, Aluminum egg tray molds, bronze egg tray molds etc.;
9. Sunshine egg tray drying system, Single-layer egg tray drying system or Multi layers egg tray drying system design, match different customized requirement;
10. Using the heat resistant primer and polyurethane hammer paint, provide the machine good tolerability and attractive features at the same time;
11. All electrical components are Siemens, Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi etc..

Certification:ISO9001,CE,SGS etc.

Electrical components brand: Siemens, Schneider,ABB, Omron, Mitsubishi etc.

Machine Material: 304# STAINLESS STEEL.

Molds material: Plastic, Aluminum, Bronze etc.

Packaging: Standard export packaging.

Voltage: 220V/380V/400V/480V,50HZ/60HZ,or customized.

Payment term: T/T, L/C etc.

Delivery Time: 40-90 days after deposit(According to machine type).

MOQ: 1 set.

Warranty: 1 year.

Original: Shandong, China.

Market: Middle East/ Africa/ Southeast Asia/ South America/East Europe.

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