Manual Type Egg Tray Machine

Manual Type Egg Tray Machine

Egg Tray Machine, Egg Tray Making Machine, Pulp Molding Machine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Zma-1 Semi-Automatic Egg Tray Machine (Paper Pulp Molding Machine), Full-Automatic Juice Bottling Machine, Full-Automatic 5 Gallon Barrels Filling Line and so on.

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Manual Type Egg Tray Machine (Paper Pulp Molding Machine)

Our Manual Type Egg Tray Machine (Paper Pulp Molding Machine) uses waste paper as raw material to make paper pulp egg trays, egg cartons, egg boxes or other paper pulp industry packages.

Rated Capacity: 400trays/hr for making 30-cavities flat egg trays


Drying burners are equipped: Our egg tray making machine equips burners as the heat source that is on the top of the drying boxes to supply hot air to increase the temperature inside of the drying boxes so that to dry the wet product (egg tray). These burners consume diesel oil or gas as fuel. So our customer does not need to buy any additional heat source.

Diverse kinds of pulp product can be produced: By changing relevant molds, our pulp molding machinery can make many kinds of pulp trays, such as egg trays, egg cartons, bottle trays, electric spare part trays, fruit trays, etc. I.e. our pulp molding equipment is multi-purpose pulp 
molding equipment; it also can be used as egg carton machinery, egg crate machinery, apple tray machinery, bottle tray machinery, etc.


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