Paper pulp egg tray machine

Paper pulp egg tray machine

Egg tray making machine is a kind of environmental protection equipment.It can make egg box, paper egg tay,fruit Tray, industrial tray and so on.

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Waste paper recycle used egg tray machine introduction:
Egg tray making machine is a kind of environmental protection equipment.It can make egg box, paper egg tay,fruit Tray, industrial tray and so on.The material is waste paper, which can help you save cost.This mainly producing the pulp molded products,such as egg tray ,egg box, fruit tray,coffee tray.Material for the molded pulp products is waste paper,corrugated paper,waste newspaper,magazine.

This paper egg tray making machine is controlled by PLC, highly automation, easily learned, convenient services, and can widely use in different business.
Paper egg tray making machine can produce egg carton, egg box, egg tray, bottle tray, agricultural train seeding cup, industrial production packing.The paper egg tray machine  is best-selling nation and is sold abroad.
2222222.jpgVarious types and output of egg tray making machines can be supplied by our company, such as 800-1000PCS per hour, 2000PCS per hour, 3000PCS per hour, 4000PCS per hour, and so on.

800-1000PCS/h Semi-automatic 60kw Natural drying
2000PCS/h 3*4 full automatic 145kw Automatic belt drying
3000PCS/h 4*4 full automatic 189kw Automatic belt drying
4000PCS/h 4*8 full automatic 223kw Automatic belt drying


Production and working flow
A.Pulping system:Hydrpulper, Pulp pump, Sewage pump, Air compressor, Agitator;
B.Forming system:Forming machine, Mould, Vacuum pump, High pressure washer, Baler;
C.Drying system:Cart-like brick kiln drying,traditional conveyor belt or metal multi-layer
Advantage of egg tray machine production line:
1 High automation, low labor cost.
2.Low production cost
3.Energy saving (by 30%-50% compared with other manufacture)
4.Water saving(complete water treatment system equipped)
5.Efficient Multilayer dryer, saving space(by 33% compared with traditional dryer)
6.Stable final product quality(same weight, same dimension,strong and good look)

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