Used Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Used Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Used Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Product Details


  1. This type of egg tray making machine is suitable for the small investment scale egg tray production plant.

  2. Egg tray making machine can produce different kinds of egg cartons, egg box, egg tray, bottle holder, agricultural culture fruit tray, coffee cup tray...

  3. The product can be recycled for second use, is a new green packaging, is not only the development of environment-friendly enterprise, also long get the rich choice.

Machine type

Raw material

Production   varieties

Production speed

Total power

Pulp   concentration for molding machine


Rotary egg tray   machine

Waste paper

Egg tray, egg   carton

2000 pieces/   hour

145KW   (Intermittent use)



We can also make 1000pcs/hr, 3000pcs/hr, 4000pcs/hr, 6000pcs/hr...capacity machine, please tell me the capacity you want, then I will send the detail information and price to your email.


  • Founded in 1986, Longkou City Hongrun Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional paper pulp molding machine manufacturer who specialized in manufacturing and exporting paper machine over the past 30 years.

  • Our products have passed CE certification and exported more than 30 countries, Russia, India, Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan, Egypt, Middle East, Africa, and South America etc. Our high quality and perfect service have reserved consumer's praise and more orders.


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