Egg Tray Process

Egg Tray Process

The 1000-piece semi-automatic egg holder is the best choice for the first time investors because it has the advantages of economy and practicality, less investment risk, etc. Which just need4-5 people to cooperation this machine, the wet egg tray will be dried under the sun by people transport.So, if the local price is low in your country and the market is large, i think which will be the best choice for you to start .

Product Details

When we load eggs, we need to use the egg holder, and the environment-friendly pulp egg holder machine is a special equipment for the production of egg holder.The production of environmental protection pulp egg carrier raw materials for waste paper, and in the process of production and processing is mainly physical reaction, only a small number of chemicals added as waterproof agent, and these chemical materials in the product drying, basically all retained in the finished product, no discharge dyeing, this is the environmental protection pulp egg carrier selection of raw materials.

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