Molded Pulp Egg Cartons Machine

Molded Pulp Egg Cartons Machine

Pulp molding is a three-dimensional paper technology.It takes waste paper as raw material, moulding machine by the special mold shape certain shape paper products.It has four advantages: the raw material is waste paper, including board paper, waste cardboard paper, waste white edge paper, etc.The production process is completed by pulping, adsorption molding, drying and stereotyping, which is environmentally sound.It can be recycled and reused;Volume is smaller than foamed plastic, can overlap, convenient transportation.Pulp molding, in addition to food boxes, tableware, more industrial buffer packaging, the development is very rapid.

Product Details

The basic information

Chinese name

Molded pulp


Solid paper making technology

The nature of the

Take waste paper as raw material


Scrap paper, scrap paper

It used waste paper as raw material, adds part moistureproof agent (aluminum sulfate) or waterproof agent, then makes various shape model products according to different use, used as the packing liner of egg, fruit, precision device, fragile glass, ceramic product, handicraft and so on, has good buffering protection performance.The production of pulp moulding technology equipment has developed rapidly. The basic process is pulp preparation, molding, drying and shaping.



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