Pulp molded products are made from plant fiber pulp or waste paper which can be completely recycled and recycled. They are made of a unique process technology, which is widely used in food preservation, electrical packaging, agricultural and sideline products, medical utensils, handicrafts and...

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Pulp molded products are made from plant fiber pulp or waste paper which can be completely recycled and recycled. They are made of a unique process technology, which is widely used in food preservation, electrical packaging, agricultural and sideline products, medical utensils, handicrafts and Non-polluting technology-based green products in the field of fragile liner packaging.

The PAPER PULP EGG TRAY MAKING MACHINE produced by our company consists of four parts: pulping system, molding system, drying system and packing system. The types of molding machines are drum type, flip type, and reciprocating type. The equipment has the characteristics of energy saving, the high degree of automation, simple operation and less labor. By changing the mold, the same molding machine can produce paper tray products of different specifications and is easy for workers to operate.


(one). Process overview

1. After the raw material - waste paper (or raw paperboard) is broken into pulp fibers by a hydraulic pulper, a small amount is added to the storage tank for special functions (such as waterproofing, moisture proof, antistatic, etc.). The functional additive is added with clean water, and the slurry in the storage tank is adjusted to the concentration required for molding. After vacuum adsorption, the slurry is formed into a wet blank on a special mold, and the formed wet blank is dried and hot pressed. Plastic is the finished product.

2, simple production process: raw materials (waste paper) → hydraulic pulping → pulp water storage pool → pulping system → suction molding → dehydration drying → hot press forming → packaging → finished products.

3. Raw materials: The raw materials for the production of pulp molded products are mainly waste newspapers, carton papers and corner waste paper from paper mills, carton factories, and printing plants. The raw materials used are abundant and the price is low, which is the comprehensive development and utilization of waste.

There is no waste water or waste gas in the production process, and the water used in the production process is recycled, which will not pollute the environment and save water costs.

4, the replacement of molds, can produce different specifications of paper tray products, widely used in industrial product packagings such as electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, toys, glassware and a variety of easily damaged industrial products. Agricultural and sideline products such as fruit, eggs and so on. The product has the function of shockproof and waterproof.

(two). Pulping process: The raw material (waste paper or pulp) is disintegrated into fibers suspended in water by hydraulic action, and then necessary additives and water are added according to the process requirements to form a slurry that meets the molding requirements.

(three). Molding:

PAPER PULP EGG TRAY MAKING MACHINE is a rotating structure of 8 forming plates, with 4 forming dies on each side. There are 32 forming dies and 4 transfer dies on one molding machine. The machine is equipped with automatic cleaning machine in the production process. It can automatically clean the mold; this equipment has high automation, high output, simple and safe operation, and is suitable for producing egg trays, wine bottles and so on.

(four), Drying process

After pulping and molding, pulp products generally contain high moisture and need to be dried to remove moisture from the product.

The drying production line uses fuel (gas), electricity or steam (heat transfer oil) as a heat source to heat the air, and the formed pulp molded product is dried in hot air (180~220 ° C), and the product is evaporated by a fan. Moisture to achieve a fast drying effect.

The direct-fired fuel (gas) drying production line designed and manufactured by the company broke the design habit of foreign district burning for the first time, adopting the central heating mode, the drying temperature is stable and reasonable, the thermal efficiency is high, and the integration automation is high; The output and other aspects are superior to other similar equipment and obtained national patent technology. The drying line electronic control system adopts centralized control mode, and the start, stop, speed regulation and inspection of the production line can be realized in front of the cabinet. At the same time, the real-time voltage and current are displayed on the dashboard of the electric control cabinet, and the temperature of each working area can be cyclically displayed.

Drying line, single layer drying line and multi-layer drying line; single layer drying line covers a large area, the length of the workshop can't be less than 50 meters; multi-layer drying line, small floor area, workshop length ≤ 30 Meter, workshop height ≥ 5.5 meters, and small size, can effectively save the heat inside the drying line.

Customers can choose according to their own plant size.

(Fives). Hot press shaping surgery

After the egg tray product is formed and dried, it is basically shaped, and the finished product can be directly stored in the warehouse after being manually sorted or packaged;

The production process of the egg carton and industrial packaging products requires one more shaping process after drying, and the product is shaped by a thermoforming machine to make the shape of the product neat and beautiful, to achieve better toughness and better shock resistance. 

The shaping process generally uses electric (or heat-conducting oil) to heat the heating plate, so that the metal mold has a higher temperature (180~250 ° C), and the pulp product is pressed by pneumatic or hydraulic pressure to achieve the shaping effect.

After shaping, some products also need to label or print patterns, texts, etc. on the surface.

Customers can choose according to their specific circumstances.

If you are interested in our equipment, please contact us immediately and tell us your requirements for equipment and production, we will provide you with detailed information.


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