Pulp Egg Carton Molding Machine

Pulp Egg Carton Molding Machine

Pulp egg carton molding machine

Product Details


    The pulp egg carton molding machine is applicating in molded pulp products industry, it included the follows sections:

1.  Pulp making section - Pulp preparation & storage

* This section is designed for underground tanks, and equipped with water recycling system.

* The underground tanks are to be prepared locally by the Buyer according to drawing provided.

* The pipework, material and electrical wiring are to be prepared locally by the Buyer according to the list provided.

* Drainage/ditch drawing is to be provided for the buyer to build in advance.

2. Forming section

* The single rotary is 100% mechanic driven which have been widely applied over decades, it has been proven to be a reliable system. 

* We allocate budget in optimizing it each year, with our patented designing, the deformation of product, the energy consumption has been improved so much. If you look into the air chamber beneath the appearance, you will understand this sophisticated design have considered so much for the end user’s real application.

3. Drying section

* Preheated wet product tipped off from transferring platen and drop on conveyor automatically. It goes to the top lane of multilayer dryer where assigned with peak temperature, water can be evaporated and vent out at the highest efficiency. Over 100 meter total drying path with temperature reduce gradually minimize the deformation comes from shrinkage.


Product name

Pulp egg carton molding machine



Applicable industries

Poultry, animal husbandry, agriculture, carton production industry, printing industry, paper industry


For Production of egg box which contain 6,8,10,12,15 or 18 eggs  



Waste Paper






0#Diesel Oil


Natural Gas


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11111.jpg55555555.jpgWith more than 20 years of accumulated technical experience, we will be based on your investment intentions, such as capital, plant, target market and other details of a full range of analysis.
On sale service
1. According to your internal size of the workshop, we will not only provide you detailed layout, the planning of pipe and line design, also provide the basis of your equipment infrastructure construction, procurement, and installation of materials.
2.When equipment into the factory, by the capable installation team to install and debug; After commissioning, the staff training of the system, including two parts: classroom explanation and practice, the structure of the equipment, principle and production technology, day-to-day maintenance and common troubleshooting and other contents of the detailed explanation and practical exercises.
After-sale service
The equipment we sold: "Lifelong tracking service, one-year free warranty" (except for vulnerable parts and abnormal failure), one year after, the cost of spare parts and service.

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