Waste Paper Egg Carton Making Machine

Waste Paper Egg Carton Making Machine

Paper Pulp Molding Machine, Egg Paper Tray Molding Machine, Egg Tray Molding Machine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering High Quality Paper Pulp Molding Machine, Stainless Steel Herb Grinding Machine, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Line/Machine and so on.

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1. Pulping system-------2. Forming system-------3. Drying system
Paper Egg Tray Machine is used to process raw material waste paper into egg tray/carton/box, bottle holder, fruit tray and shoe cover etc. The whole production will be finished by one production line. In this production line, their main engine has three types:  reciprocating type,  Tumbler Type, and rotation type which working method is different. Usually rotary type machine capacity is bigger.

Model Type Working method Output Drying type
HRW-1000Semi-automatic Tumble Type800-1000pcs/hSunshine
HR-1000SSemi-automaticReciprocating type800-1000pcs/hMetal dryer 
HRZ-2000MAutomatic (4-sides)Rotary type2000-2500pcs/hMetal dryer 
HRZ-3000MAutomatic (4-sides)Rotary type3000-3500pcs/hMetal dryer 

  About the dryer, if you choose reciprocating type production line, because of small capacity, you can dry them naturally also can be dry using our cart-type dryer. On account of bigger capacity tumble type and rotary type, you can choose mesh-belt dryer to dry tray.



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